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FundsIndia Affiliate Programme

FundsIndia Affiliate Programme

Welcome to the FundsIndia Affiliate Programme. Our free-to-join affiliate marketing programme allows you to earn
Rs. 150 for every registered user we gain through your website.

All you need to do is sign up, and add our advertisements to your website, along with the corresponding links. We’ll then pay you for every account holder we gain through you. We’ll also send you consolidated monthly reports on the traffic generated for us by you, and the number of account holders we received from you as an affiliate.


A customer becomes an account holder when he / she completes the online registration process for an account, and submits the documents required for account verification. You get to earn Rs. 150 for every registered user!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now, and start earning!

About Us:

FundsIndia is India’s first value-added investment platform. Created and promoted by Wealth India Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., the platform caters to retail Indian investors all over the world.

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Step 1: Enter your details in the form above to sign up for the FundsIndia Affiliate Programme.
Step 2: You will receive a confirmation email from us on the successful submission of your details. We will then process your request for approval.
Step 3: Once your request has been approved, we will send you our advertisements in the formats you require (text, banner or email), along with their respective tracking links.
Step 4: You can then place these advertisements on your website to begin driving traffic to FundsIndia. You will be entitled to receive Rs. 150 for every registered user we gain through you.