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Would you tell us what schemes to invest in?

A FundsIndia account is built for all kinds of investors. You’re free to invest in any mutual fund scheme of your choice; also, if you’d like to seek advice from our expert investment advisors, then you can do that too. Every investor has a personal investment advisor assigned to him to take care of his investment portfolio. You can always seek your advisor’s guidance when it comes to investment decisions.

Besides advisory services, FundsIndia also offers guidance in various forms:

1. Select Funds List – We maintain a list of the most investment worthy funds called ‘FundsIndia Select Funds’. This list is compiled by our in-house Mutual Fund Research Desk, and is updated every quarter. You can access this list by clicking here.

2. Smart Solutions – This is an innovative robo-advisory driven service. Smart Solutions uses the expertise of investment advisors to:
– prepare a mutual fund portfolio for you according to your goal
– regularly monitor the performance of the portfolio
– suggest changes to the portfolio if any deviation in performance is found
Technology helps eliminate any and all work on your part. Your portfolio auto-drives its way to your goal. To implement any expert-recommended changes, all you have to do is click a button. The changes will be implemented right away.

3. Ready-to-go Portfolios – We also have a pre-packaged portfolio service that offers a set of pre-designed portfolios that have been carefully put together by our Mutual Fund Research Desk. Investors can pick a portfolio according to their age, life-stage, and risk-taking capacity.

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